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"Life expectancy in rural Haiti averages 47 years. In addition, infant mortality is unacceptably high. Microcredit programs and educational assistance require adequate healthcare to flourish…”

November 7, 2010 - With much celebration, Pastor Adius Alphonse blessed the new parish health clinic, the Dispensaire Saint Joseph de Pignon, built in memory of Patrick Malone and Daniel McCarthy.    A delegation from New Jersey and Virginia was present, plus the architects and builders, all local Haitians, and many more people from the parish.  Ketheline Rock, RN, the clinic director, welcomed the visitors, and a very funny skit, put on by the clinic staff, on why to come to the health clinic instead of going to the Voodoo doctor,  brought laughter from all.

Dispensaire Saint Joseph de Pignon

May 1, 2011 - Doctor Blooded Jules MD, joined the staff, expanding the services offered considerably.  Because many seriously ill people cannot make the long walk into town, in the summer of 2011,  Dr. Jules  organized the Dispensaire’s  first mobile clinic to the chapels.  To date, three chapels have been served, and the enthusiasm is rewarding. In the near future, our Haitian staff is looking forward to receiving additional training in ambulatory care from a group of healthcare professionals from Virginia.

Medical Director - Blooded Jules MDDirector of Clinic - Ketheline Rock RN
Interview with our Clinic Director

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