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Interview with Henri Claude Crepin about the School

The Catholic grammar school in the rectory complex (which also houses the convent and the health clinic) is 55 years old this year.  Founded in 1962 for a few hundred students, it now educates 775 students in grades pre-school – 6.    Henri-Claude Crepin has been there for 38 years, first as a teacher and for the last 26 years as the principal.  Henri-Claude also oversees the 5 chapel schools, in Savanette, Fontaine, Bohoc, La Belle Mere and Savane Rouge, and is mayor of Pignon.  His wife is a sixth grade teacher since many years and has a loan from us to run a market stall on Saturdays where she sells various items of clothing.  He has an impressive new two-story house of cement and his daughter Florlande is studying in PAP at the Notre Dame University to be a doctor.   All of the teachers have finished their Philo which is the 13th grade, a degree equivalent to a degree from a two year community college here.  A few have gone on to university. Almost all have had teacher training with Father Julmice’s diocesan teacher training program, which we supported for the last three years. 


We asked Henri Claude how our school supplies are used, and he told us that the spiral notebooks are used by the teachers for lesson plans.  The black and white composition books, pencils and pens are distributed to the students according to need. 




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